Illustrative ad verbatim #8

[Parking car before swimming lesson] L: We can't actually park here. A: I know, but it'll be OK today. And anyway, there's nowhere else to park. L: Mm, but this is actually the company car park. A: Yes, but it's Sunday today, so they won't be using it. L: Well, OK. But if the company … Continue reading Illustrative ad verbatim #8

Illustrative ad verbatim #7

D: What's wrong? J: Dared. D: What are you scared of? J: Dared bear. D: You don't need to be scared of bears. We don't have any bears in this country anyway. Only in zoos. J: [Pointing towards back garden] Bear out there? D: No. There aren't any bears out there. J: [Thinks for a … Continue reading Illustrative ad verbatim #7

Not (quite) everything can be our fault

Two kids in and I'm starting to feel that there are certain things over which you have no control. While it's empowering to think that you control the weather and mould the characters of your little sproglets, that your behaviour towards them has the consequence of their behaviour towards you, some things just don't fit … Continue reading Not (quite) everything can be our fault