Illustrative ad verbatim #11

J: [Running into the room holding a Lego Batman] I'm gon rescue you. D: Good, I could do with being rescued. Are you going to rescue me via the power of a big cuddle? J: No. Not gon rescue you. Gon put you in danger. D: Oh dear. How are you going to put me … Continue reading Illustrative ad verbatim #11

Illustrative ad verbatim #10

L: Do you think some people would die from a crushed bone? A: No. You probably wouldn't die from that. L: What about a falling off ear? A: No, probably not that either. Anyway, people's ears don't tend to just fall off. L: Well, my teacher's dog Sally only had half a tail. A: Really? … Continue reading Illustrative ad verbatim #10

A first foray into flash fiction

Well, probably 'post-it fiction' or 'twitter-fiction' really if we're being pedantic, but I couldn't resist the alliteration. And besides, I closed my Twitter account. I'm running a flash-fiction competition at work in honour of last week's National Storytelling Week. Some of my efforts are below. Domestic Bliss When the fire started I went straight for … Continue reading A first foray into flash fiction

Not (quite) everything can be our fault

Two kids in and I'm starting to feel that there are certain things over which you have no control. While it's empowering to think that you control the weather and mould the characters of your little sproglets, that your behaviour towards them has the consequence of their behaviour towards you, some things just don't fit … Continue reading Not (quite) everything can be our fault