2 thoughts on “Short story – Justin Souricide

  1. This should feel darker. It is dark, but you’ve made it seem mundane because mice.
    You’ve made it seem so much more deliberate at the end.

    Do you think it’s always this deliberate, but we just ignore it by distancing ourselves from it?

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    • Dunno. I wrote this a few years ago, around the same time I wrote ‘Wet Cloth Bag…’ not sure what I had against small furry animals at the time. This actually happened to a friend of mine, called Justin (hence the title). So I suppose the mundane nature of the killing at the end wasn’t really a deliberate choice as much as it was an example of wanting to stay true to the original story. Structurally, it’s the same ending as ‘Wet Cloth Bag’ though, which I only realised when I looked at both stories again so I could post them here.

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