Short Story – Louka and The Batman

This week’s short story.

Louka and The Batman

One thought on “Short Story – Louka and The Batman

  1. This is a brilliant way to bring out what art should mean and what it can end up meaning.

    I think it’s always difficult to figure out the balance between the amount of structure that helps art’s meaning come through and when the structure restricts the art.

    The end result of Louka’s art was probably far truer to his emotions, but the woman couldn’t have possibly understood those emotions. In the same way, what the school was making Louka paint was clear and obvious, but never true to what he thought.

    Do you think art should be true to the observer or the artist? I think it should do both; art should show a universal truth. But how on earth do you get just enough structure to do that?

    … I guess you’ve managed it with this story. Nice!

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