Illustrative ad verbatim #11

J: [Running into the room holding a Lego Batman] I’m gon rescue you.

D: Good, I could do with being rescued. Are you going to rescue me via the power of a big cuddle?

J: No. Not gon rescue you. Gon put you in danger.

D: Oh dear. How are you going to put me in danger.

J: Whack you.

D: I thought you might say that.

J: Gon not shut the door and just leave it open.

D: Oh dear. That does sound pretty dangerous.

J: And your car will break.

D: Well, how will I get to work if my car is broken?

J: [Thinks about this for a moment, then wanders off] Gon rescue someone else now.

D: Well hang on a minute. Who’s going to rescue me? And who’s going to fix my car?

J: You can call a builder-man. He can do it.

D: Aren’t you a builder-man?

J: No, I’m not builder-man. I’m Batman.


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