Illustrative ad verbatim #7

D: What’s wrong?

J: Dared.

D: What are you scared of?

J: Dared bear.

D: You don’t need to be scared of bears. We don’t have any bears in this country anyway. Only in zoos.

J: [Pointing towards back garden] Bear out there?

D: No. There aren’t any bears out there.

J: [Thinks for a second] Wolf out there?

D: There are no wolves out there either. We don’t have them in this country either. Only in zoos.

J: [Looks with concern in direction of back garden. Nods] Wolf out there.

One thought on “Illustrative ad verbatim #7

  1. This is a perfect opening to a horror movie. It would have been even better if you had looked to the back garden and seen a grey blur just running out. Then, you could hit the audience with some pathetic fallacy (distant howl and a cloud over the moon). Actually, did this even happen at night?


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